Some One's Sons

This new track [One More Minute] from Mullinger-based Irish folk band will bring tears to your eyes. The track is a gut-wrenching ballad that speaks to the difficulties that come along with grief. The track is emotional and harmonic and feels like it was made with love.
"One More Minute" sound is deeply rooted in Irish tradition reminiscent of the Clancy Brothers or the Fureys. The song is built around vocal harmonies accompanied by subtle Banjo and guitars, blending effortlessly.
With a sound deeply rooted in Irish tradition, Some One’s Sons continues to captivate audiences with their authentic storytelling and soul-stirring performances
Listeners can expect an immersive experience as lead singers Daniel Allen and Greg Dunne navigate the complex landscape of grief and a desire for one last moment
"One More Minute" is poised to resonate with fans of Irish folk music and beyond, solidifying Some One’s Sons' reputation as a band with both heart and musical prowess.
"You know when you hear a song for the first time it doesn't hit the spot and it's not until you've heard it several time that it grows on you. Well I think this one will go places because from the first moment I heard it [One More Minute] I knew it would be a classic.
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Inspired by The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers, Planxty and Christy Moore, the threads of these Irish music legends are woven throughout their performances. United by a strong passion for folk music, this midlands quartet are emerging as one of Ireland’s leading groups, storming through traditional classics with power and panache.
"That week included a performance of “Óró sé do Bheatha ‘Bhaile” on TG4 Live, which today has over 36,000 views online. Now, for Mullingar’s second consecutive fleadh, the Sons will be playing on the National Gig Rig, on Friday August 11.
“The Cobblestone has been at the heart and soul of the Irish trad and folk music revival,” Daniel said, “it’s been home to Christy Moore, and helped kick start the careers of some of the biggest folk artists in the country like Lankum, Ye Vagabonds and Lisa O’Neill. You can’t tell the story of 2010s Irish folk without them.”
“Some Ones Sons will follow Mick [Foster].....[I] was blown away by the band during the Fleadh. They were the stars of the TG4 show that went out and played in the Market Square surrounded by thousands of people”
“Some of [Mullingar's Artists] have gone to their eternal reward but not before they left a legavy which lives on to inspire brilliance and finesse into emerging performers as they make their way to the top. The latest addition to this growing list of starts is a group called 'Some Ones Sons', who are making waves on the music scene no matter where they play.”
Tommy Dunne
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“Following the release of their debut single and a slew of gigs in Germany and back home, local band Some One's Sons are thriving and continue to grow in popularity having formed just under two years ago”
Robert Kindregan
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